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The next big paradigm shift in database design

Today I came across what I predict will be the next big paradigm shift in the world of database design. This brilliant work I stumbled upon has been created by 4 students at the Koninklijk Atheneum of Sint-Niklaas, an innovative

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HowTo: Go to a movie in Sint Niklaas for free

Two weekends back, me and two friends went to the cinema in Sint Niklaas, a city in East Flanders, Belgium. Some lol’ed stuff happened though: As usual, we bought our tickets at one of the ticket machines at the entrance.

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KA Sint-Niklaas finally into the trash can

Yesterday I got back my result of my last year of school in secondary education. I passed (yay!), and so did the rest of my class (congrats to all). This means I don’t have to learn the ridiculously restarted crap

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