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Zend Server for more awesomeness

About a year back I decided I had to change my development environment from working on a remote server with a simple text editor to something more solid, if I wanted to do serious PHP development. I went for Eclipse

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A first look at VS 2010 and .Net FW 4

Two days I go I got the beta 2 of Visual Studio 2010, which is scheduled to be released in the first half of next year. With it, came .Net Framework 4 beta 2. I’ve taken a good look at

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Aptana Studio and Aptana RadRails

I’ve finally made up my mind about whether I’m going to learn Python or Ruby. I’ve been looking at both for nearly 2 months now, and could not really find a strong reason to use the one or the other.

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Zend Studio 7

Zend Studio 7.0 is the next generation of our professional-grade PHP application development environment. It has been designed to maximize developer productivity by enabling you to develop and maintain code faster, solve application problems quickly and improve team collaboration. –

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Zend Studio 6.1.2

While working on Maps and Semantic Maps, I needed to refactor some class names, and tried to use the refactor tool of Zend Studio, the PHP IDE of my choice. The only thing that happened was an error popping up

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Eclipse 3.5 and Netbeans 6.7

After waiting over half a year and having every single beta and RC version on my Google calender, I still managed to miss the release of Eclipse 3.5, named as usual after a moon of Jupiter, this year being Galileo.

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