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The next big paradigm shift in database design

Today I came across what I predict will be the next big paradigm shift in the world of database design. This brilliant work I stumbled upon has been created by 4 students at the Koninklijk Atheneum of Sint-Niklaas, an innovative

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HowTo: Go to a movie in Sint Niklaas for free

Two weekends back, me and two friends went to the cinema in Sint Niklaas, a city in East Flanders, Belgium. Some lol’ed stuff happened though: As usual, we bought our tickets at one of the ticket machines at the entrance.

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Argenta internet banking – going to write a book

Yay – I almost thought I could finally access my bank account for the first time in what must now almost be a year – of course I couldn’t. I’ll start at the beginning, going through all the ways their

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Eye accident

Yesterday, when I was cycling home, from Sint-Niklaas to Hulst, as usual, my left eye got hit by a small piece of flying debry. At first I thought there was a sharp piece of stone in my eye that I

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Epic blog fail

Yesterday I was working on my GSoC project and moving a whole bunch of data around (I’ll post more on this later on). I somehow succeeded in deleting my blog’s database. … … … Indeed, that’s just a huge fail

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The quest for the GSoC money

I finally received my first Google Summer of Code payment. This payment was in the form of a prepaid card send to me via mail, together with 2 GSoC stickers and a Google notebook – YAY! Getting the money from

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